Starting Over

Rebuilding offers our students what they need to move forward. As you progress through the 10-week Program, you will, like many before you, improve the way you think and feel about your life. If you want to achieve healthy relationships in the future, the Seminar will help pave the way. Our graduates move through denial, grief, and anger, and ultimately gain the needed self-confidence to move ahead.

After “Rebuilding”:

After graduation there are numerous ways to continue growing and to gain and give support.

Community: There is an ever-growing Denver Rebuilding Community made of graduates from our programs, as well as volunteers and participants from some other programs including Boulder, Denver and northern Colorado. There are currently more than 700 active graduates in our social activities.

Class members, volunteers, and graduates all sponsor many of the events that take place each month. For example: game nights, parties, attendance at sporting events, movies, dining out, picnics, a Valentine’s party, holiday parties, retreats, workshops etc.

We have a long established no-dating policy during our ten week Rebuilding Seminar. This policy ensures a sense of safety and ease while attending the Seminar.

Groups: We also offer ongoing support groups for men and women. These groups provide a confidential context for meaningful discussions to deepen connections, and receive support for meeting life’s challenges. With the safety of the “container” of the group, members find this a rich opportunity to continue their journey to wholeness and greater health.

Classes: Beyond Rebuilding, we offer a series of classes on various topics– Self Acceptance, Self Compassion, Overcoming Fears, Handling Conflict as a doorway to Intimacy, Avoiding Co-dependency, Creating Trust in Relationships, Overcoming Loneliness, Overcoming Maladaptive attitudes and behaviors etc.

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