Nick & Tara Coaching from Experience

nick-and-tara-288Nick and Tara have been through the challenges of relationship ending themselves. They have now been married for over 15 years. They have both gained a great deal of knowledge by completing intensive training in counseling, creating workshops, and working with individuals, couples and Starting Over Again students.

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Is It Right for Me?

Loneliness and isolation are often part of a relationship ending. Certainly, almost everyone has fear about being alone. In our class, you will see that you are not alone. Every student is in the process of dealing with many challenges. The Facilitators and volunteers, all who have gone through the process, and will share their wisdom, experience and encouragement. Starting Over Again offers a proven, structured way through the healing process.

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Moving On/Getting Started

As a result of taking our seminar, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to start over to rebuild.
  • Gain new perspectives.
  • Stop repeating past ” scripts” that no longer serve you.
  • Create a positive future, with friendships that are supportive , and making healthy choices that will sustain yo.
  • Let go, not getting caught in the old traps of denial, being a “victim.”, or negative thinking or harmful patterns- all of which that lead to more suffering.
  • Create new attitudes, behaviors and beliefs, that will enable you to create a future you choose.
  • Create new friendships that support your growth and healing.
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Recovery After Divorce

It hurts. It hurts worse than almost anything else can.

Your life turns upside down. It’s hard to know how to cope, who to turn to, what to do after a divorce.

No one plans on a marriage ending.

From lost love to lost dreams, the grief and anger can feel overwhelming. However, if you do what thousands of others have done – you will be able move through the process. You will be able to heal, and discover new ways to cope and grow- so you can create a future that is more full of possibilities than you have created in the past.

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